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Addressing the youth of the world at his papal inauguration in October 1978, Blessed John Paul II said the following: 

"You are the hope of the church and of the world; you are my hope."

The mission of the Sacred Heart Youth Group is to respond to this rallying cry of our Holy Father, who throughout his life, challenged the youth to eagerly respond to Jesus Christ's beckoning: "Follow me."  We believe that youth's eagerness, freshness, imagination,  and potential are precious gifts, which are fully recognized only when given back, as an offering of love, to the giver of all gifts--the Creator, Himself. There is a hunger among young people in this generation, who sense that life is more than what the secular culture suggests.  They are looking for identity and meaning in their lives, and like the young man in the Gospel, they ask the deepest questions: "Good teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?" (Matthew 19:16).  Our goal is to help the youth recognize that the answer to all their questions lies in the person of Jesus Christ, who alone can give them life, love, and truth.

Our group meets monthly in the John Paul II Hall at the Sacred Heart Rectory in New Britain, CT (see calendar for more details). We encourage young people (high school age-18 years old) to develop a love-relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer, discussion, community, and service.  We remind every young person who considers joining our group that he/she is the Beloved of God. Don't be afraid!  Remember what Scripture tells us about Jesus' reaction to the young man who approached him, looking for answers to his life: "Jesus looked at him and LOVED him" (Mark 10:21). God bless!   

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Michael or Alanna Pelland  860-249-4831

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